Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SP High End Product

We are coming to the IOS XR. Personally, I like this OS and can recommend to start from the IOS XR Fundamentals book.

This post covers following topics:

  1. IOS XR structure
  2. Installing IOS XR software
  3. Upgrade and manage IOS XR software
  4. Secure  Domain Router (SDR)
  5. CRS-1/3 structure
  6. CRS-1/3 multi-chassis
  7. Redundant Router Processors
  8. RP switchover
  9. MSC architecture
  10. Switch Fabric Architecture

Cisco IOS XR Structure

Here I found CRS-1/XR overview presentation
Cisco IOS XR Network Examples
IOS XR Upgrade Procedure - the bigger the box - the longer the process.

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