Tuesday, January 30, 2018

update on the certification

Here is an update - few years later I still haven't received my number. I tried to pass the lab few times (was it 2 or 3?) but it was quite obvious to me that I have to type faster - every time I was running out of time. And at this point I ran out of money for this hobby project.

Today, I prefer to learn more useful skills such as programming, software architecture and related disciplines. I don't feel that there is any drastic change in the way how we operate networks: routing protocols are still the same, network hardware works in the same way as before - everything gets bigger and faster. You can probably disagree and say: "Look! There are so many SDN projects around!" - but I'll reply: "Yes, but what exactly do they change?" By moving complexity to the different place in the network you will probably make it look more novel... But based on the history we just repeating the pattern: centralized vs distributed architecture and control. While we, network engineers, were building distributed networks, the mobile industry were building very centralized instead. Now, traditional packet networking is switching to centralized (with all kinds of controllers) and mobile industry is switching to distributed because packet gateways cannot handle so much traffic in the central location. So, what exactly have we accomplished, as an industry, in the last 5 years?

Just my .05 cents.

Thanks for reading.

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